Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical Comparison – Which Should You Choose?


bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 elliptical comparison
Bowflex BXE 216

Trying to decide between the Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical trainer?

Which one is best for you?

And how are they actually different?

Bowflex introduced their new elliptical lineup this year with these two popular models.

They both give you some impressive features like a healthy 22 inch stride, online results tracking with the Free Bowflex App and adjustable footpedals

But what about when you compare them against one another?

How do they compare?

Well, there are a few differences you should know that may affect your buying choice.

This page will give you a full comparison of the Bowflex BXE116 vs 216 elliptical trainer.

You’ll see the main differences between them so that you can easily choose the best machine for you. So let’s get started!



Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical – Price


If budget is one of your main concerns then the BXE116 elliptical has the advantage here over the BXE216 model as it comes in about $300 less.

You can get the Bowflex BXE116 elliptical for about $1499 with Discounted Shipping Here.



bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 elliptical comparison
Bowflex BXE 116 Elliptical


The Bowflex BXE216 elliptical is the premium model in the series and will run you about $1799 with a Free Promo Code here.

So is the BXE216 elliptical worth the extra money?

What does it give you that the BXE116 doesn’t? And are these features that you really need? Well, let’s look a little deeper to answer that question.


bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 elliptical comparison
Bowflex BXE 216



 Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical – Console


While the consoles on these two trainers have the same layout and design, the BXE216 trainer has a larger console window – making it easier to read your workout stats.

Here’s the BXE116 console:



bowflex bxe116 vs BXE216 - console
Bowflex BXE116 Console



And here’s the BXE216 console:


bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 comparison
Bowflex BXE216 Console


So as you can see it’s easier to read the BXE216 console.

You’ll also notice there’s more built-in workout buttons on the Bowflex BXE216 console. So you get a few more ways to spice up your workouts with extra workout programs on this model.




 Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical – Flywheel


A heavier flywheel on a crosstrainer helps to give you an overall smoother-feeling ride, without the jerky stop-and-start motions of cheaper feeling machines. It’s especially smoother during resistance transitions.


bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 elliptical
Bowflex BXE116


A heavier flywheel can also help anchor the elliptical for a more stable feel.

The BXE116 gives you a 30 pound flywheel – which is excellent at this price point.

However the BXE216 elliptical goes one better with an even heavier 35 pound flywheel. So it’s basically built to handle a bit more in terms of use – and abuse – than the BXE116 model.




 Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216- Stability


The BXE216 is built a bit heavier with a more solid base and a higher user weight capacity (400 pounds vs 375 pounds) than the BXE116 model.

So it’s built to handle those longer, more intense workouts with a bit more ease than the BXE116.



bowflex elliptical comparison
Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical




Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical – Armbars


The moving armbars on the BXE216 elliptical – seen below – are a bit more elaborate and give you 4 different places to put your arms – vs 3 different arm positions found on the BXE116 trainer.


bowflex bxe216 vs bxe116 elliptical trainer
Bowflex BXE216 Elliptical




Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 Elliptical – Workout Programs


The BXE216 comes with a few more workout programs over the BXE116 trainer – 11 versus 9 programs. This isn’t a huge difference, but it’s still worth knowing for some people.


bowflex 116 vs 216 comparison
Bowflex BXE 216 Footpedals


So Which is Best For You?

So those are the main differences between the Bowflex BXE116 vs BXE216 elliptical trainers.

Basically the BXE216 is built a bit tougher with the heavier flywheel and higher stability base. So it can handle a bit more in terms of longer, more intense workouts.

It also has the larger console window which is a nice touch as well as it makes reading your workout stats easier.

However the Bowflex BXE116 is still a great value at its price point when compared to other brands, especially with the adjustable pedals and the dual-roller-track design.

So it’s no slouch either. And it’s also about $300 less than the BXE216.

So at the end of the day it comes down to what you really want, your goals and your budget.


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bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 elliptical comparison
Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical




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bowflex bxe116 vs bxe216 elliptical comparison
Bowflex BXE 216