Bowflex Introduces New Max Trainer – The Bowflex Max Total

Introducing the New Bowflex Max Total:


Bowflex has just introduced a brand new Max Trainer to the market – the Bowflex Max Total.  (Read the Full Review Here)

This new model is more of a commercial-grade premium model.


Bowflex Max Total


One of the best things about it?

A full-color, touch-screen console!

You can see your workout stats in full color with a swipe of your finger.


max total review
Max Total Console


You can also connect with Max Intelligence and get customized workouts delivered to your machine.

Want some motivation? Choose from a large library of personal-trainer led video workouts that are streamed directly to your console.

Or if you just want to relax and binge-watch your favorite shows – connect to your Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu accounts directly through the console. Then watch movies or shows as you workout.




Upgraded Construction

Another thing I like about this trainer is that it’s made a bit tougher than even the M8 model. It’s heavier than the M3 or M6 for more stability.

Plus it has a double-track-wheel design. This means you have 2 tracks per pedal, which helps to stabilize the up-and-down motion.




This also makes the trainer better built to handle aggressive or multiple-user workouts.

Want to work your upper body?

The double arm bars on this model are great for that – giving you multiple training positions. Plus they sit a bit closer to the user – so you don’t have to stretch as much to reach them, which is great for shorter users.



Of course, you still get the same high-calorie-burning design that makes the Max Trainer so popular. You get several built-in HIIT workouts with this model ranging from 4 minute up to 30 minute workouts. So no matter how much time you have – you can always get your workout in.

So that’s great news if you’re looking to pick up a more commercial-grade Max Trainer (or one with a lot more fun entertainment options).

Plus for a short time, when you buy it direct, you can also get 12-months of Max Intelligence for free with this model.

With Max Intelligence you can watch personal-trainer led workouts or get customized workouts delivered right to your machine. It can really take your training to the next level

(Note: You don’t need Max Intelligence to use this trainer – it works fine without it. But it’s an add-on option if you want it).



Where to Buy and Save:

While it’s fairly new and not out in stores yet, you can see the full specs and get a Free Promo Code for the Max Total here. You’ll also get Free Shipping and watch a video on how it works.


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Bowflex Max Total