Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5 Elliptical Comparison

Which is Best For You?


Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 Comparison
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical

Trying to decide between the Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5 models?

These are two brand new ellipticals on the market that add something completely new – lateral, side-to-side motion.

So you’re getting a much richer crosstraining experience on these trainers than you would on a regular elliptical.

The side-to-side motion gives you more ways to train, challenge yourself and work different sets of lower body muscles.

Both the LX3 and the LX5 also give you backlit consoles with several built-in workouts, a media rack to hold your tablet and even several workout videos to get you started using the machines.

So how are they different?

And which should you choose?

Let’s dive in and compare the two to help you decide:


Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5
Bowflex LX5 Elliptical


Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5 – Price

The LX3 model is the most affordable model coming in around $1999. However you can click here to get a Free Promo Code to save on the LX3 trainer.


Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5
Bowflex LX3 Elliptical


The LX5 model steps it up with a few more upgrades. It comes in around $2699. However you can click here to get a Free Promo code to save on the LX5 trainer as well.

You can also get the LX5 with a premium package (called a “Performance Pack) that includes an equipment mat and a tablet included, preloaded with workout videos for a few hundred more if you want to go all out. You can learn more about the LX5 with Performance Pack here.

So from a price perspective, the Bowflex LX3 model is the most attractive if you’re on a budget.



LX3 vs LX5 Comparison
Lateral X Motion



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Lateral X Motion

While both trainers give you lateral, side-to-side motion, the LX3 is a fixed lateral range whereas the LX5 is an adjustable lateral range.

This is kind of like having a fixed elliptical stride vs an adjustable elliptical stride – but it applies to the side to side motion.

So this means you’re going to be able to get a wider range of motion on the LX5 and a bit better crosstraining.


Lateral X 3 vs 5 comparison
Lateral X Motion



Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5 – Resistance

The LX3 model comes with 8 different resistance levels whereas the LX5 comes with 10 different resistance levels.

This isn’t really a huge difference – but you do have a bit more room to grow with the LX5 as your fitness level improves over time.


Bowflex LX3 Elliptical



Lateral X LX3 vs LX5 – Hand Grips

The LX5 comes with upgraded hand grips that give you a few more places to place your hands than the grips on the LX3 model. So you get a bit better upper body training with the LX5 model.

You’ll also notice from the pics above and below that you get upgraded footpedals as well with the LX5 model. These are a bit sleeker looking with a top-shield that you don’t get with the LX3 pedals.


Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5
Bowflex LX5 Elliptical



Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 Comparison – User Profiles

The LX3 model stores and keeps information for 2 different users. the LX5 model stores and keeps information for up to 4 different users.

So if you have a family, the LX5 might be a better option as everyone can keep their own profile on the machine and not have to re-enter their information every time they go to workout.



bowflex Lateral X 3 vs 5
Bowflex LX3 Console
Bowflex LX3 vs LX5 – Heart Rate Tracking

Both trainers comes with hand grip sensors to monitor your heart rate. However the LX5 model also includes a free wireless heart rate chest strap.

A lot of people prefer the wireless chest strap as it’s more accurate than the hand grips. It’s also a lot more convenient than having to continually grasp the hand grips to get a sensor reading.



bowflex lx3 vs lx5 lateral x comparison
Bowflex LX5 Console



Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Bowflex Lateral X LX3 vs LX5 models?

Well, each one has their benefits.

The LX3 is the more affordable option and still gives you the lateral side-to-side motion that takes your workout up to a whole new level.

However the LX5 trainer gives you even more crosstraining options with the adjustable (vs fixed) lateral range, upgraded hand grips and more resistance levels.

It also has the upgraded pedals and includes the wireless heart rate monitor.

In the end however, you really can’t go too far wrong with either one – as they both give you better crosstraining than a regular elliptical.

And according to Bowflex testing, you can even burn up to 39% more calories with the Lateral X than with a standard elliptical!

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