Bowflex LateralX Elliptical Review – Brand New Elliptical From Bowflex!


Bowflex has just introduced a brand new type of elliptical trainer – the Bowflex LateralX. And it brings something really exciting to the table:

3-D Lateral Movement!

So instead of just moving up and down, forward and backwards like a standard elliptical – you can also move from side to side!



You can push, pull, stand and squat as you glide back and forth side-to-side. By doing these lateral movements you actually can target areas and muscle groups that it’s hard to get to on a regular elliptical.

You’ll basically be activating more muscle on this machine – and thus burning more calories.


bowflex lateralx reviews



In fact, according to results from a University Caloric study, you can burn up to 39% more calories than a self-paced elliptical trainer workout – all in as little as 16 minutes.

Bowflex has in fact designed a special 16 minute workout on the LateralX elliptical to help you get maximum results in minimum time (this is a similar idea to the special 14-minute HIIT training workout you get on the Bowflex Max Trainer).

And it’s not just about burning more calories.



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Since you can target movements that you do in everyday life, the Lateral X would be great for rehab patients. They can go at their own pace and work on those specific areas that they need to strengthen.

This elliptical would also be perfect for high performance athletes training at home since, again, it’s designed to mimic the way athletes move when they perform in real life.

Basically it’s suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level. Because you’re setting the movement and can work at your own pace, it works for beginners and all the way up to serious athletes.

Bowflex has even designed several workouts to suit different ranges of fitness levels.


bowflex lateral x elliptical app


All Bowflex LateralX trainers come with a special 12 Week Workout plan with 30 full-length workout videos included.

Personal trainers will lead you through workouts like “LateralX Basics” and “LateralX Athletic Conditioning”. You also get other fitness videos like yoga and strength-training workouts with Selecttech dumbbells.

Need some motivation?

You can easily track your workouts over time with the Bowflex LateralX app (it’s free).

You can set and monitor your fitness goals, measure your progress and even collect awards for reaching personal bests – very cool.


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There are currently 3 different models to choose from – the Bowflex LX3, LX5 and LX5 Performance.

(Technically, there are really just 2 different models – the LX3 and the LX5. The LX5 Performance trainer comes with an included Samsung Tablet preloaded with LateralX workouts – and a free Mat. But it’s basically the same machine as the LX5.)

Here’s a quick comparison chart of what you get with each model:

Bowflex LX3
Fixed Lateral Range
8 Resistance Levels
Standard Hand Grips
8 Built-In Workouts
Tablet Not Included
Bowflex LX5
Adjustable Lateral Range
10 Resistance Levels
Upgraded Hand Grips
11 Built-in Workouts
Tablet Not Included
Bowflex LX5 Performance
Adjustable Lateral Range
10 Resistance Levels
Upgraded Hand Grips
11 Built-in Workouts
Includes Samsung Galaxy 9.6" Tablet w/ Pre-loaded Workouts


So if you’re looking for an elliptical trainer that can give you a much more realistic, real-world crosstraining experience, you may want to consider one of the new Bowflex Lateral X elliptical trainers.

And there’s more good news!

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bowflex lateralx review
Bowflex Lateral X Elliptical