Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Trainer Review

Is the Bowflex LX5 Right For You?


bowflex lx5 lateral x elliptical review
Bowflex LX5 Lateral Elliptical

The Bowflex LX5 Lateral X elliptical takes crosstraining to a whole new level with:

Lateral, Side-To-Side Motion

This gives you a lot more motion and crosstraining options. It can even help you burn up to 39% more calories than with a regular elliptical trainer workout

The LX5 elliptical also comes with an adjustable lateral range – unlike the LX3 which has a fixed lateral range.

It also gives you more resistance levels to challenge yourself, improved handlebars and upgraded footpedals.

So is the Bowflex LX5 Lateral X elliptical right for you?

Here’s what you need to know:



Bowflex LX5 Basics:

Price: $2699 + Click Here for Promo Code

Resistance Levels: 10

Heart Rate: Hand Grip Sensors + Wireless Chest Strap

Footprint: 53.5″ L x 46.3″ W

Lateral Stride: Adjustable

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 3 years



Bowflex LX5 Console



Bowflex LX5 Lateral X Review – Benefits:


Move in 3 Dimensions

The LX5 offers movement in 3 dimensions. You can move up and down, forward and back like a regular elliptical crosstrainer – plus you can also move side-to-side! This opens up a whole new dimension of training options.


bowflex lx3 lateral x elliptical review


Glide from side to side as you push, pull, stand and squat. This is much closer to the movement you do in everyday life and thus a better way to “crosstrain” during your workout.

Another benefit?

It’s extremely low impact on your joints. So if you want a good elliptical workout but you have issues with joints, knees or hips, this is a great machine for you.



Adjustable Lateral Stride

Unlike the LX3 model – which is a fixed lateral stride, the Bowflex LX5 gives you an adjustable lateral stride. This is kind of like having at fixed stride vs an adjustable stride on an elliptical trainer. You can change the range of your lateral stride motion with this feature.

This makes it easy to customize the intensity and comfort level in every workout. It’s also great if there are multiple users in your home since everyone can customize their workout.




bowflex lateralx reviews


Burn Up to 39% More More Calories

A University Caloric study done on the LateralX trainer found that, in as little as 16 minutes you can burn up to 39% more calories than a self-paced elliptical workout! So you’ll see faster results in the mirror.

This makes sense – the 3-D side-to-side motion helps you to target and train more lower body muscles than a standard elliptical motions which is only in 2-D.



bowflex lx
Bowflex LX5 Console
Backlit Console with Media Shelf

The Bowflex LX5 console is backlit and easy-to-read. It displays your time, calories burned, workout program, heart rate and more.

There’s also a media shelf you can use to hold your tablet so you can watch movies or surf the net as you workout, which is really handy. You can also connect to the Bowflex App and watch workout videos (see below for more) on your tablet.

The LX5 also comes with a built-in console fan to keep you cool (not found on the LX3 model) and 11 different workout programs.



Upgraded Footpedals

You get upgraded performance-suspension pedals on this model. These are sleeker looking than those on the LX3 with a top shield.


4-Position Hand Grips

The moving arm grips are also upgraded on the LX5 – giving you 4 different hand positions to train from (vs two on the Bowflex LX3 model).



Free Bluetooth Tracking

You can seamlessly sync your workouts to the Free Bowflex Lateral X app. This is a great way to see how far you’ve come and get some motivation for your daily workouts.

With the app you can track your daily workouts, set new goals and even get awards for reaching your personal bests.


bowflex lateral x elliptical app


You can also stream trainer-led workout videos for extra challenge.

Bowflex trainers will lead you through high energy classes like “LateralX Basics” and “LateralX Athletic Conditioning”. You also get several cross-functional training videos as well like yoga and optional dumbbell strength training.



Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Stay in your target fat-burning heart rate zone with the EKG hand grip sensors. Plus the LX5 model also include a wireless heart rate chest strap.

Most people prefer the chest strap since it’s a lot more convenient that continually having the grasp the handrails just to get a heart rate reading.



4 User Profiles

The Bowflex LX5 also stores the information for up to 4 different users in the console. This is great for multi-user families.


Bowflex LX5 Lateral x elliptical
Bowflex LX5 Elliptical


Bowflex LX5 LateralX Review – What You Should Know:

While the LX5 has all the bells and whistles, the price doesn’t make it ideal for buyers on a budget.

If you have limited funds, you may want to consider the Bowflex LX3 model. It’s more affordable but still gives you all the basics – including the side-to-side motion – that you need for an effective and fun workout.



Bottom Line?

The Bowflex LX5 Lateral Trainer is the premium Lateral X elliptical with adjustable side-to-side 3-D motion. This motion can not only help you burn more calories and get a more effective workout, it’s also low impact and just plain fun to do.

Plus it also gives you more resistance levels, more built-in workouts, upgraded pedals and moving arm bars than the LX3 model.

Overall if you want a super-low-impact elliptical with a more functional movement, this is one to consider.



Where to Buy and Save:

While the Bowflex LX5 is brand new and may be hard to find, you can get it through the Manufacturer here.

You can also read the latest user reviews, see machine specs and watch a full video on how it works.


Click Here to Save on the Bowflex LX5


bowflex lx5 lateral x elliptical review
Bowflex LX5 Lateral Elliptical