Bowflex M3 vs M6 Max Trainer Comparison

Which is Best for You?


Trying to decide between the Bowflex M3 vs M6 Max Trainer?

The Bowflex M3 has been out for a few years now. The M6 model is a brand new model this year – an upgraded replacement to the older M5 model.


bowflex m3 vs m6 max trainer comparison
Bowflex M3 Max Trainer


Both trainers give you the same hybrid elliptical-stair-climber design that can help you burn up to 2.5 times more calories than a regular elliptical trainer.

This design also helps you engage more core and upper body muscles than a regular elliptical and is ultra-compact.

Both models also include the famous Bowflex 14-minute HIIT workout that can get you faster results in less time.


bowflex m3 vs m6 max trainer comparison
Bowflex M6 Max Trainer


However there are some pretty important differences between them that you should know when making your final buying decision.

Let’s take a look at the Bowflex M3 vs M6 Max Trainer and how they compare:



Bowflex M3 vs M6 Comparison – Price


The Bowflex M3 Max is the most affordable trainer in the series. You can currently get it for about $1099 plus Free Shipping here.

The Bowflex M6 Max trainer is the next model up. It has a few more upgrades over the M3. You can get it for around $1699 with a special Coupon Code here.

So what do you get with the M6 that you don’t get with the M3? Let’s look closer:




Bowflex M3 vs M6 – Console Differences


The Max M3 trainer comes with a much more basic console. It has a non-backlit display window as you can see here:


bowflex max trainer m3 vs m5 comparison
Bowflex M3 Console


The Bowflex M6 steps up to a backlit console display as well as a premium media rack as you can see here:


bowflex m3 vs m6 comparison
Bowflex M6 Console


So it’s a lot easier to read your workout stats on the M6 display than the M3 display – especially if lighting is not always the best in your workout area.

The calorie burn-rate meter on the M6 is also more attractive – and the overall design is much sleeker and less clunky-looking than the M3 console.



Bowflex Max M3 vs M6 – Resistance Levels

The M3 model gives you 8 resistance levels – which isn’t bad. But the M6 model gives you double that – 16 resistance levels.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that you have a lot more room to grow with the Bowflex M6 as your fitness level improves. You won’t top out at the highest resistance level and have nowhere to go.



Bowflex Max Intelligence


Introducing Bowflex Max Intelligence…

Max Intelligence is a new Smart tracking feature Bowflex has introduced this year. It can assess your fitness level for you and send you customized workouts based on your fitness level and your personal goals.

You can also choose form a library of personal-trainer-led workouts to watch – or even run trails all over the world and watch landmarks pass you by in your tablet or TV screen.


bowflex M3 or m6 max trainer
Bowflex Max Intelligence Workouts


Bowflex Max Intelligence is an add-on option on the Bowflex M6 model. However you cannot add it on to the M3 model as it’s not compatible with Max Intelligence.



Tracking Your Heart Rate

The Bowflex Max M6 comes with EKG hand grips beside the console you can use to track your heart rate. The Bowflex M3 does not have any EKG hand grips to track your heart rate (however it will still work with a wireless heart rate monitor).


bowflex m6 vs m3 comparison
Max Intelligence on the M6



Bowflex Max Trainer M3 vs M6 – Stability

The M6 has a higher unit weight as well as a higher user weight capacity – 350 pounds vs 300 pounds. This means it has a bit more substance to it and the heavier weight adds a bit more stability to the machine.



Bowflex M3 or M6 – Warranty Protection

The Bowflex Max M3 carries a 1 year warranty on parts whereas the M6 carries a 2 year warranty on parts. So you get a bit more warranty protection on the M6 trainer model.


bowflex m3 vs m6 comparison
Bowflex M3 Max Trainer


Bottom Line?

So which is better for you when comparing the Bowflex M3 vs M6 Max Trainer?

Well, the M3 is really a basic, simplified version of the Max Trainer. You get the basics that you need for a super-high-calorie burning workout. But you don’t get a lot of extra frills.

However the M3 is also a few hundred dollars less than the M6 model – so it’s more attractive budget-wise.

The M6 Max Trainer gives you an easier-to-read, backlit console along with the adjustable media shelf that you don’t get on the M3.

You also have the chance to add Max Intelligence and get dynamic, customized workouts or run trails all over the world. Max Intelligence can basically take your training up to a whole new level.

You also get upgraded hand grips and more resistance levels with the M6 model.

So it all comes down to what you want, your preferences and your budget.

Want to learn more about either trainer?


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bowflex m6 vs m8 max trainer comparison
Bowflex M6 Max Trainer



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Bowflex Max Trainer M3