Bowflex M8 vs Max Total Comparison – Which is Best for You?


Trying to decide between the Bowflex M8 Max vs the Max Total Trainer?

Wondering which is best for you?


Bowflex Max Trainer M8

Both machines are premium models. The Bowflex M8 was introduced 2 years ago as an upgraded replacement to the older M7 model.

The Max Total was introduced this year as a more commercial-grade, Wi-Fi connected Max Trainer.

They both give you the famous high-calorie burning design that helps you to burn up to 2.5 times more calories than a regular elliptical trainer or a treadmill.


Bowflex Max Total


They both have some similar features as well – like 20 levels of resistance, a USB charging port and 7 built-in workouts.

So what about when you compare them against each other? How do they stack up?

This post will give you a rundown on the main differences between the Bowflex M8 vs Max Total to hep you decide.



Bowflex M8 vs Max Total – Price


The Bowflex M8 Max is the more affordable trainer of the two, making it more attractive from a price standpoint. You can get it for about $2299 plus a special Coupon Code here.

The Bowflex Max Total is the next model up – with a few more premium features.

You can get it for around $2799 with a special Promo Code here.




Console Differences


The consoles are quite different on these trainers. The Bowflex M8 has a dual-mode, LCD screen console with media shelf and Bluetooth compatibility:



bowflex M8 vs m6 console
Bowflex M8 Console



The Max Total upgrades to a larger, full-color, Samsung, 9.6″ display with Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity:


Max Total Console


Because of the Wifi, you can also connect with your Netflix, Hulu or Amazon video accounts and stream movies or TV shows through your console as you workout – which is pretty cool:


Max Total Console


You can also connect directly to Max Intelligence (now renamed Bowflex JRNY)  and get customized coaching workouts or trainer-led workout videos to your console.

(If you want to do this on the M8 model, you’ll have to use your own tablet and stream Bowflex JRNY workouts and videos that way).



Bowflex Max Total vs M8 – Tablet Holder

The Bowflex M8 comes with a tablet holder/media shelf above the console. So you can attach your tablet or phone and surf the web or watch YouTube videos as you workout.



The Bowflex Max Total looks like it doesn’t come with the tablet holder (since there’s basically a tablet in your console).

However you can buy one for a small extra cost at the manufacturer if you want it. It’s just not included with the machine.



Stability Differences

Both trainers are quite sturdy and stable feeling. However the Max Total has the edge here. It’s a bit heavier – which gives it a more stable feel.

Plus it uses a dual-track-and-wheel design whereas the M8 has a single-track-and-wheel design. So there’s more reinforcement on the wheel-track mechanism. This means it can hold up to a bit more use and abuse.


bowflex m6 vs m8 max trainer comparison
Bowflex Max M8



Bowflex M8 or Max Total: Arm Bars

The Bowflex M8 comes with curved, multi-position, single-bar arm bars – which is an upgrade over the M6 and M3 models.

The Max Total steps it up to curved multi-position, double-bar arm bars. This gives you more ways to train your upper body.

You may also notice that these arms bars are closer to the upper body – which makes it easier for shorter users as they don’t have to reach as far forward.


Bowflex Max Total


User Profiles

The Bowflex M8 Max trainer comes with 4 user profiles. This means you can store and track the information for up to 4 different users (so you don’t have to re-enter it every time you begin a new workout).

The Bowflex Max Total comes with unlimited user profiles. So you can store and track the workout stats for as many people as you want – making it great for families with more than 4 users.



what is max intelligence
Bowflex JRNY


Bowflex JRNY Subscription

The Bowflex JRNY program is a streaming online subscription service that gives you a lot of fun things to do on your trainer (it used to be called Bowflex Max Intelligence).

It works with your trainer to assess your current fitness level and then send you customized workouts. It also gives you personalized coaching and instruction through your console speakers.

You can also stream trainer-led workout videos designed for the Bowflex Max through your console or tablet.


what is bowflex max intelligence
Bowflex Streaming Workouts


Or travel famous world trails and watch the scenery pass you by in the console or your tablet window.

The JRNY is a monthly subscription service that is optional on either the Bowflex Max Total or the M8 Trainer (you don’t need it to use the trainers – it’s just there if you want to add some extra fun).

Here’s the difference:

With the Max Total, you can get a free 12-month subscription to Bowflex JRNY included.

With the Bowflex M8 Trainer you can get a free 2-month subscription to the JRNY service included.



Bottom Line?

So those are the main differences between the Bowflex M8 vs Max Total.

They both have benefits.

The Max Trainer M8 model is more affordable than the Max Total. It also gives you everything you need for a high-calorie-burning workout including lots of resistance levels and 7 built-in HIIT workouts.

The Max Total however adds a stronger design with upgraded construction and arm bars.

Plus it adds a much nicer console and the Wifi connection so you can stream Netflix or Hulu videos through your console.

So it really depends on what you want.

Want to learn more about either trainer?


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bowflex M8 vs Max Total Comparison


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