Bowflex Max Total Review

Is the Bowflex Total Max Trainer Right For You?


bowflex max total review
Bowflex Max Total

The Bowflex Max Trainer Total is a new premium Max Trainer just introduced this year.

It’s a more commercial-grade machine with a double-track-wheel design for extra durability.

Plus you also get the best console of any of the Max Trainer models – a full-color, Samsung, touch-screen!

You can watch your stats with a swipe of your finger.

Or go online and connect with your Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video accounts so you can stream shows and movies to your console as you workout!

You can also use Max Intelligence to get customized workout programs directly to your console. Or watch a trainer-led workout video from your console.

Is the Bowflex Max Total right for you?

Here’s what you need to know:



Max Total Specs:

Price: $2799 + Click Here for Promo Code

Resistance Levels: 20

Heart Rate: Hand Grip Sensors & Wireless Compatible

Footprint: 49.2″ L x 30.5″ W

Ceiling Height: User height + 19″

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 3 years Frame and Parts, 90 Days Labor


max total review
Max Total Console


Bowflex Max Total Review – Benefits:


Full-Color-HD Console

The console on this trainer is hands-down the best that Bowflex currently makes. It’s a full-color, HD, Samsung, touch-screen console.

You can use it to see your workout stats in full color. There’s also a speaker bar with Bluetooth under the screen.

You can also use it to connect with your Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime video accounts and stream shows or movies directly to your console as you workout – very cool.



Don’t want to watch shows or movies? No problem.

You can use Bowflex Max Intelligence to get customized workouts sent directly to your console.




Personalized Coaching with Max Intelligence

Max Intelligence is an optional add-on feature that gives you a more personalized training experience. Max Intelligence will run a fitness assessment for you and then give you customized workouts based on your assessment and your stated fitness goals.

Max Intelligence will coach you through your workout and adjust the trainer settings to give you maximum calorie burning throughout your workout.


bowflex M8 review
Bowflex Max Intelligence Workouts


You can also choose from a library of personal-trainer-led workout videos if you want extra challenge.

You can also run world trails and see the scenery pass you by in your console window for some virtual reality fun.

You don’t need to have Bowflex Max Intelligence to use this machine – it’s just optional.

But if you do get the new Bowflex Max Total from the Manufacturer here, you can get a FREE 12-month subscription to Max Intelligence! So you have a full year to try it out and see if you like it.

what is max intelligence
Bowflex Max Intelligence


Unlimited User Profiles

The Bowflex Max Total stores the information for an unlimited number of people – making it a great option for families.

The user profiles are handy as you don’t have to re-enter your information every time you workout and it can give you more accurate feedback on your calories burned, etc.

Compared to other Max Trainer models (which only give you 2 or 4 user profiles) this is a great benefit.





Designed for More Wear and Tear

The Max Total trainer is built using a double-track-wheel design. This means that you have 2 tracks for the wheels per pedal (vs the standard 1-track per pedal).

This has the effect of stabilizing and strengthening the pedal motion – meaning you can work this machine a bit more and it will hold up just fine.



Upgraded Handlebars

The Bowflex Max Total also comes with upgraded double-curved handlebars. These give you more positions to place your arms – so you can get a better upper-body workout.

Another nice thing about these arm bars is that a couple of them sit closer to the user than other models – meaning you don’t have to stretch as much to reach them. This is great for shorter users.



Upgraded Resistance

With the other Max Trainer models you change the resistance level by scrolling through the buttons on the console – which is fine.

However the Max Total does it differently. There’s an illuminated dial in front of the console that you just turn to get your resistance level. This is much more convenient (and quicker) than scrolling through buttons. It’s great for circuit training or HIIT workouts.


max total review
Max Total Console



Bowflex Total Max Trainer Review – What You Should Know:


Bowflex Max Intelligence

While you can try Max Intelligence for free for a full year, if you want to continue using it, there will be a small monthly fee. Again, you do not need Max Intelligence to use this trainer – it works fine without it. But it’s just something you might want to know.


No Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

While you do get hand grip EKG sensors to track your heart rate, you don’t get a wireless chest strap included with this trainer.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a more commercial Max Trainer – with some very cool entertainment options – you’ll love the Bowflex Max Total.

It has the touch-screen console you can use to stream your shows. You can also stream Bowflex workouts, world-trails and personalized coaching workouts using Max Intelligence.

Plus it’s built a bit hardier with the double-track wheel design, heavier machine weight and upgraded arm bars. This makes it great for those planning on more intense workouts – or for multi-user families.



Where to Buy and Save:

While the Bowflex Max Total is new and can be hard to find, you can get it direct from the Manufacturer with FREE Promo Code here. You’ll also get the free Max Intelligence subscription included and save on shipping.


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bowflex max total review
Bowflex Max Total