Bowflex New Years Sale Now On – Where to Save Big on the Bowflex Max, Ellipticals and More!


Looking for a good New Years Sale on a Bowflex Max, elliptical or bike?

You came to the right place!

It’s that time of the year again when many people resolve to get healthier, stronger and more energetic.

Bowflex is the king of making products that help you do this – fast. So it makes sense that they run some of their best sales at this time of the year.


“Does Bowflex Have New Year’s Sales?”


The good news is YES – they do!

Even better news?

They’re offering sales even earlier this year – starting now!

(If you want to skip directly to the sales, use the link below which will show you ALL the current Bowflex New Years Sales – otherwise, keep reading.)


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What Are the Hot Products This Year?

The good news is that hot products are hot for a reason – they’re usually the best value for the money and give you more than other Bowflex machines.

The bad news?

They’re often the first to sell out. This means if you don’t get them at the sale – you may have to wait a few weeks until the machine is back in stock.

By knowing which Bowflex Max, elliptical or treadmill that you want ahead of time, you’re more likely to get the deal – and get your machine delivered in record time.

So here are a few of the current hot products to give you some ideas:


bowflex max total review
Bowflex Max Total


Bowflex Max Total

This is the brand new, upgraded Max Trainer machine for this year. It’s a premium model and comes with something the other trainers don’t have – a full-color, touch-screen console.

You can use this to connect with your Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu accounts and stream shows or movies through the console – something that can make your workouts a lot more fun.


Max Total Console


You can also connect directly to Max JRNY (formerly Max Intelligence) and get customized coaching through your console or personalized workouts made for your unique fitness level.

Or stream trainer-led Bowflex workout videos or run trails all over the world with JRNY. So it’s a very cool feature to have.

(You can also use Bowflex JRNY with the M6 and M8 Max Trainer models as well).

The Max Total is also a bit heavier and more commercial-grade than the other models – another factor making it a top seller this year.


bowflex new years sales



Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

The BXT216 is premium treadmill in Bowflex’s treadmill lineup. It comes with the toughest construction, strongest motor and an extra-long belt.

All of these features make it ideal for runners or multiple-user families. There’s also a media shelf to hold your tablet or phone. So you can watch Netflix or Youtube videos on your tablet as you run.


bowflex BXT216 treadmill assembly video
Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill


Plus Bowflex has now made this treadmill compatible with the JRNY app. So you can easily monitor your progress or get customized coaching to your treadmill (you will need a tablet for this as you can’t do it through the console).




Bowflex C6 Bike

The C6 is Bowflex’s new, cheaper alternative to the vastly overpriced Peloton bike. It gives you a strong cycling bike base – with Bluetooth and a tablet holder.

So you can stream whatever bike apps you want – including the Peloton classes – through your tablet or phone directly.


bowflex c6 bike review
Bowflex C6 Bike

This bike is already quite affordable – so the deals might not be so goo on this model. But it will probably sell out – so keep an eye on it.



When Are You Likely To Get the Best Deals?

From watching the sales year after year for this blog, I’ve noticed that Bowflex tends to offer the best New Years deals right around the first 2 weeks of the year (and starting maybe a few days before).

Then around mid-January the deals start to soften a bit and prices – while still lower – are not as good as at the beginning of the month.

I can’t guarantee this will be the case this year – since I don’t work for Bowflex. But that’s just something I’ve observed over the years from watching past Bowflex New Years sales.


bowflex max vs elliptical
Bowflex Max Before and After



Where Can You Find Bowflex New Years Deals?

You can find New Years promo codes on the individual product pages through the links on this site.

But if you want to save time and track all of the Bowflex sales and promo codes in one place – you’ll want to check out the Special New Year’s Sale page below.

It frequently gets updated with all of their best sales and deals:


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