What is Bowflex Max Intelligence?

A Review of the New Bowflex Max Intelligence Platform


(Please Note: Bowflex Max Intelligence is now called Bowflex JRNY)


bowflex max intelligence reviewCurious about the new Bowflex Max Intelligence?

Wondering how it works exactly? And what you get?

Bowflex has updated their new Max Trainer models (the M6 and M8 trainers) with a new Smart fitness platform they’re calling “Max Intelligence”.

This is an optional subscription-based app that you can add to your trainer if you want it (it’s available on iOS and Android devices).

Why would you want it?

Basically because it opens up a whole new level of training options.

And that’s the cool thing.

Some people these days just want fitness equipment to be fitness equipment – do a simple workout and that’s it. They don’t want fancy programs or video workouts. And they certainly don’t want to PAY for extras that they won’t use.

They just want to set the machine up in front of their TV and go. That’s it. Old school.

And you can do that on the Bowflex Max Trainer.

But there are other people who want more from their fitness equipment. They want to be able to get customized workouts built for their unique needs and current fitness level. They want coaching and dynamic-style training.


what is max intelligence
Bowflex Max Intelligence


They may want to add a bit of virtual reality fun to their training or add some high-energy tunes to their workout.

And that’s where Bowflex Max Intelligence steps in.

It opens up a whole new world of Smart, customized training. It can do things for you like:

  • Take a Personalized Fitness Assessment for You
  • Design a Customized Workout for You Based on that Fitness Assessment and Your Chosen Fitness Goals
  • Coach You Through Your Workout with Tips and Encouragement along the way

So basically you can get customized workouts specially designed for you sent to your Max Trainer every day.

Running short on time?

No worries, Max Intelligence can adapt with shorter timed workouts (even workouts as short as 4 minutes!) that will still help you burn optimal calories in less time.




Watch Video Workouts with Max Intelligence

Need some visual motivation? No problem.

You can choose from a large library of personal-trainer-led workout videos and educational content recommendations based on your previous workout history. There’s a diverse range of personal trainers you can watch.

Choose your favorite trainers to watch – from Moms to Iron Men to athletes.


what is bowflex max intelligence
Bowflex Max Intelligence Workouts


Bowflex will also be continuing to add to this video library in the next year – so you’ll continue to get new ways to challenge yourself.

You will also be able to set up and watch world scenery on your tablet or television as you workout – for a more virtual reality type of workout experience.


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Celebrate Your Fitness Milestones

Max Intelligence tracks your progress over time for you (no need to do it yourself). You can then earn rewards when you reach your personal fitness milestones. This can be very motivating and help you to continue to reach your goals.


bowflex max intelligence review
Max Intelligence on the M6



Get Motivated with High-Energy Music

Bowflex will also be adding Bowflex Radio to Max Intelligence in late 2018. You can choose from styles like pop, country, hip-hop, rock, 80’s and more.

If you need to listen to music as you workout (but your phone is just not loud enough) this is a great option and gives you plenty of variety.


Are There Any Downsides to Max Intelligence?

Well, you will need a tablet to connect and use Max Intelligence (unless you get the M8 Performance Pack which includes a 9.6 inch Samsung Tablet). If you don’t have a good tablet you can use to connect, you won’t be able to use the Max Intelligence platform with your trainer.

Also, as stated above, you can’t get Max Intelligence on the M3 model (or the older M5 and M7 models). It’s only available for right now on the new M6 and M8 trainers.



Want To See Bowflex Max Intelligence in Action?

Here’s a quick video of how the Max Intelligence platform works across the different Max Trainers:




Bottom Line?

If you’re looking to take your workouts to the next level, want dynamic coaching – or if you just get bored easily want more challenge, then Max Intelligence might be a great option for you.

It’s completely personalized to you. Plus it can learn and adapt to you – based on your workout history and interactions.

Again – it’s completely optional. You don’t NEED to get it.

And it only comes on the Bowflex M8 and M6 models (not on the M3 model). However it does give you some fantastic “Smart Training” options to make your workouts a lot more fun, enjoyable and effective!


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